Adaptability as a Form of Equity

Implementing a social justice and equity framework when working with students is crucial for their empowerment and success. As a coordinator for Avenues for Success

The In-Between

Dear school counselors, When first asked to write a blog post about my article on college readiness, I was only too happy to write about

A Case For Learning Communities

As we navigate through the pandemic, we can admit the past two years have been very difficult. In the case of students, in addition to

The Path to Online Learning

What are students supposed to count on during times of uncertainty and change? Forced to suddenly move from a traditional face-to-face routine to a foreign

#SDSUSCFellows- John Johnson

What inspired you to want to become a school counselor? I grew up in a small city on the other side of Michigan called Muskegon

#SDSUSCFellows- Emily Johnson

What inspired you to want to become a school counselor? I started out as a teacher where I taught English for two years. I had

#SDSUSCFellows- Kimberly Twarowski

What is the biggest challenge you faced in your own educational journey? After I received my Master’s degree in Florida, I moved back to Michigan,

Parents, an Underutilized Resource

Though I do not have “school counselor” as my title, I have had the privilege of being able to collaborate in a variety of professional

#SDSUSCFellows- Rayme Martineau

If you could go back and visit your elementary, middle, and or high school counselor, what would you tell them?  I didn’t have an elementary

#SDSUSCFellows- Ruby Griggs

What inspired you to want to become a school counselor?Education is powerful. It opened a lot of opportunities for me. I liked school growing up

#SDSUSCFellows- Rakiba Mitchell

What is the biggest challenge you faced in your own educational journey? My biggest challenge was in undergrad. There was a teacher who would not

#SDSUSCFellows- Stephanie Patrzik

What inspired you to want to become a school counselor? I went into the profession of teaching and started my work with elementary students. I

#SDSUSCFellows- Cathy Longstreet

What is one thing you would tell your younger student self now? Take more time looking into different career options. Talk to people who are

What Students Need Now

Our children are falling behind in their academic career to the extent that they will not graduate in four years of high school. Students do

#SDSUSCFellows- Rebekah Ward

What inspired you to become a school counselor? I was inspired to become a school counselor because it just felt like that’s where my role

Dear Parent

Dear Parent, You are good enough: when you let your child watch tv instead of do homework when bathing is a weekly activity when your

Double Jeopardy

School counselors are especially positioned to help schools and students recover from the pandemics. There are two viruses (Racism and Covid-19) happening at the same

Conquering Imposter Syndrome

In 2016, I found a black hole in my stomach, and it would always appear at certain points in time, and suck my insides up,

What are my Postsecondary Options?

The big questions many high school students are tired of hearing are “where are you going to college?” and “what is next, after high school?”

Where Should I Apply as a BIPOC?

“Which colleges should I apply to?” College counselors across the country guide students through this important question every year. Counselors discuss important aspects such as

Types of Financial Aid

What are Grants? A grant is money from the federal government that does NOT have to be repaid as long as you meet all obligations.

Financial Aid: What is it? How to apply?

What is Financial Aid?  Financial aid is money meant to help students pay for college. Financial aid can come from various sources: federal government, state

What is College Counseling Now?

Never has it been more evident that our postsecondary pipeline and advising systems need a major overhaul. Students and adults have long noted that the

Back to Basics

When my daughter was 14, I asked her whether she thought she might like to go to college at the university where I taught. She